Friday, 29 April 2011

she realized that servant lund was bigger than his husband's and grabbed it into her mouth

It was just like every day and Manisha had spent all the evening drinking and playing at all ladies' kitty party. Drinks flowed like water while women played cards. Manisha was too drunk to drive. One of her friends gave her ride to her home. She stumbled out of the car, "mazaa aa gayaa." she got out of the car. At last she made it to the gate, and stopped. Leaning against it, manisha waved at the car. She pushed the gate open.

Manisha was a 33 years old, exceptionally beautiful and voluptuous lady. With her drop-dead good looks, her high tilt full breasts and a measurement of 38-24-36, her husband, Govind Malhotra, was 5 years elder to her and he was an industrialist. In fact he was a workaholic and they hardly saw much of each other. They had a nice sexual life only during first two – three years.. Then he got more into his business and Manisha too adjusted to it by joining kitty-parties and ladies' poker-clubs. These poker-clubs and kitty-parties actually involved lots of drinking. So, she had been enjoying her life even after her husband's negligence.

Her servant, gopi, ran out to support her. Gopi was only 19 years old but he was very strong and well-built. He hailed from some village in u.p. he grabbed manisha under the arms and helped walk inside. He had done this several times before so now it was no big deal. He knew the drill, throw her in bed and let her sleep it off. By noon tomorrow she would be fine. Manisha, his memsaab, was really smashed today. While being supported by gopi, her mind began reeling with horny thoughts. She never had such feelings about gopi before. Ramesh also realized that the top two hooks of her blouse were open and manisha was giving teenaged servant quite a view.

maid gave a body message to loose her virginity

Hello … I am Basu and 24 years old bachelor. I am a regular reader of Sex stories and this is the first time I am sharing my experience. This true incident happened during my visit to Kashmir in December this year. I was visiting my Uncle’s house after a gap of 6 years and it was located 5 kms outside Shimla. It's a remote village and my uncle was the richest family in that village. So they had a huge bungalow surrounded by palm trees. Since my uncle is no more, my aunt used to live in the bungalow with the assistance of maid servants overseeing our property.

I reached home by 9 pm by car and had a bath and went to have my dinner with my aunt who is 42 years old. I was introduced to boya, the head cook who was 40 years old and her daughter sabeena who was 20 years old. Both were wearing traditional long kurta... I was stunned by the beauty of Sabeena who for her age looked like a women of 26 years age with huge boobs and buttocks. She was looking in great shape and lemon colour tender skin added glow to her beautiful body.
After finishing my dinner, I was shown a bedroom on the 2nd floor of the bungalow and went to bed thinking about sabeena's magnificent body. Normally, I wear a night gown with only a white brief on my waist, I continued to sleep in the morning and woke up only by 10 am. Even at 10 in the morning looked like 6 or 6.30. I felt a severe hard on in my brief and with a smile in my face i realised it is because of thoughts about sabeena.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

receptionist srujana tempted his collegue and got fucked

Guys you won’t believe me, I had this most romantic experience I had in my life. I am Madhu from Bangalore. I am 31 and 5’10’’ and not that much muscular, just an average personality. It wasn't a regular Monday as I drove to work.  It was my first real job out of college. As I pulled into my parking space at the far end of the building I looked down the rows of bikes for Srujana’s pink Scottie, Which I didn’t see it.
Srujana’s had only been with the company for three months. She was the receptionist and to me she was the hottest girl the company had ever hired to answer the phones. The first thing a visitor would see was her full lips and beautiful friendly smile. They would surely be drawn down her neckline to the luscious full round breasts she couldn't hide if she tried. They had to be a D cup and in the high thirties if not forty in size. Her body was lush with curves made for kissing and running your hands over. It was the kind of body I dreamed my hard cock would pulse against anywhere it touched.
I had only known her by her voice over the intercom telling me had a call. Her friendly smile was a great way to start the morning.
She must be late today. I opened the main lobby door Srujana’s desk was vacant. I heard noise in the conference room and turned towards the open conference room door, I saw her bent over trying to get a hold of a heavy full box of invoices. The skirt she was wearing had completely risen. She had a tattoo. I was drawn to the tiny blue flower with six petals just a finger distance from her crack and slightly above her asshole. Most panties would hide it. But not the green ones she wore today.

Valli teacher gave herself to his student raja

Hi friends... My name is raja. I was 17 year old studying intermediate first year. I was born in a middle class family. I was waiting for the real aroma feel of sex. I regularly get the new addition of sex books from my friend srinu. I used to read lot of sex storybooks and masturbate at least three times in a day.  One time in morning and two times before bed.
I was really a bright student up to 10th class. Now my concentration on studies has reduced. After seeing the progress report, my mother has arranged for a tuition class. My tuition teacher nagavalli lives in the upper portion of our house. After my mother’s request, she accepted to help me in my studies. Her husband was a government employee.